The Apostle Paul’s Self-imposed “Ignorance”

It’s easy to make the argument that Paul the Apostle was likely one of the most brilliant individuals who ever lived. His pedigree is extraordinary: from his own words in Acts 22, 26 and Philippians 3 –

  • Taught by Gamaliel
  • Trained in perfect manner of the Law
  • Zealous towards God
  • Circumcised the 8th day
  • Stock of Israel
  • Tribe of Benjamin
  • Hebrew of Hebrews
  • A Pharisee, of the straightest sect
  • Exceedingly zealous of the tradition of the fathers
  • Blameless regarding the Law
Yet with all of this education and knowledge (witness his conversation on Mars Hill in Acts 17), he willing “forgot” all, to focus on what he saw as THE MOST IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE OF ALL:
1Co 2:2  For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

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