Have You Been with Jesus?

Some musings I uncovered (thanks to the Holy Spirit) while preparing to teach on 1st John:

John – “the Beloved Apostle” (John 13:23, 19:26, etc.) did NOT START that way….

  • Jesus called him and his brother Boanerges (Mark 3:17 – Sons of Thunder, tumult, commotion)
  • John told others to stop casting out demons in Jesus’ name, weren’t “one of us” – Luke 9:49
  • He suggested they call fire down on the Samaritans when they snubbed Jesus – Luke 9:51-53
  • He and his brother asked Jesus to give them top positions in His kingdom – Mark 10:35-45

What happened to him? JESUS!   Matt. 4:13 – “they took knowledge that they had been with Jesus.”

If we haven’t changed since meeting Him, something is wrong!

To quote Martyn Lloyd-Jones: “May we all learn the lesson of this old incident. Let us meet with this Jesus and listen to Him, and soon we, too, will become phenomena. We will become men and women who are enigmas to everybody else.”


About Barry Davis

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