How to Get Into Heaven

(A fanciful parable)

A well-intentioned person walks up to the Pearly Gates upon death and introduces himself to St. Peter.

“Why should I let you in?” – Peter asks.

“Well,” the anxious traveler replies, “I was very active in my church. A Sunday School teacher for 25 years. I always tithed all my earnings, volunteered at the soup kitchen on holidays, reached out to poor souls in my community for Christmas dinners. I even gave money to missions boards to spread the Good News!”

“That’s it?!” – responded the hoary Saint looking down  his spectacles a the bewildered supplicant. “Sorry, I can’t allow you to enter…”

“Lord, have mercy, for the love of God!” – was the frustrated response.

“That will do,” said Peter, “come on in.”


About Barry Davis

Career Coach | Professor | Speaker | Blogger | Minister | Marathoner "What You Do should be Who You Are..."
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